Jay Inslee’s comments on his stay at Altimeter Cabin at Mt. Rainier

“Upon our walk we chanced upon a forest pond under a darkening sky and a darkened cedar canopy. On the pond’s skin the raindrops kicked up perfect little domes of effervescent water each of which captured all the light from the sky and radiated it back up in a burst of bright white, like a short lived but glorious jewel. Without the deep darkness of the pond we could not have seen the flashes of the splashes. If the rain had not been dancing the pond would have not been prancing. So ends this day.”

“On a walk up the hills we discovered that the snow level had descended to either 3000 or 6 feet, depending upon your perspective. We thought we were caught in an infamous Mt. Rainier “whiteout” but we found that merely by brushing the snow of our foreheads we could continue our climb to the summit of our ambitions. The very peak of a scoop of ice cream atop a piece of Copper Creek blackberry pie. Why do we take such risks to have this pie? Simple. Because it is there. So ends this day.”

“We return to the capital prepared to do battle in the protection of the Rainier cedar, deer, and avalanche lilly. All 14,410 feet have a voice in D.C. one again refreshed by using a good Altimeter. So ends this day.”


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